Antique Clocks: The Best Places to Find and Buy Antique Clocks

Are antique clocks easy to find and purchase in today's difficult economy? The answer to the question is a resounding yes! And you find better deals on nicer clocks than ever before. The problem, for most people, is determining where to buy that Antique Clock. We will look at some possible venues for clock purchases and I will give you my recommendation at the end of the article. So, if you can't wait skip down to the last paragraph now.

Are old clocks a good investment? I'm not an investment advisor nor do I pretend to be one on the internet. However, good deals can be had on antique clocks which can in turn be sold for nice profit. Buying an old clock is just like any other endeavor that you may be pursuing for profit. There are good deals and not so good deals. The first rule of clock collecting is do not buy the clock if you don't like it. But, Kelly, you say, I think I can make a nice profit if I resell this clock. If you've done your homework and know the val…

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As a wise shopper,…

Tips for Decorating Your Home With Antiques and Collectibles

When it comes to re-decorating the way your home looks there are many looks that can be achieved. A popular look is to give your room a makeover using collectibles and antiques from years gone by. Giving your room this type of makeover gives it a stylish and interesting look, so much so that your whole room can be livened up. However antiques can be costly but if you are a little savvy and know where to shop for antiques and collectibles you can grab yourself some great bargains.

One of the best places to find some collectibles at affordable prices is an antiques fair. Visiting an antiques fair such as the one held at Old Spitalfields market can be be very rewarding indeed. If you have a trained eye for antiques you will surely find something that is a collectible at a great price.

Here are some tips on how you should decorate using antiques.

Always group like objects together Whether your collection of antiques consists of classic antique teddy bears or you have a collection of rare pot…

Why You Should Consider Buying Antique Desks

There are quite a number of antique desks for sale in the marketplace today. Numerous antique outlets have these pieces of furniture in their inventories. The shops and stores selling these old desks are locally located or in other places which are easily accessible to antique enthusiasts. These sellers are also private individuals who are investing in antique furniture, including desks. The buyers are selling the antique items in turn to others who are interested in antiques.

The desk is a form of furniture. The piece of movable object, in most case, is commonly seen in work areas. It is ordinarily used for writing and reading. Desks have drawers wherein documents, papers and office supplies are kept.

Furniture with styles of desks is traceable to the ancient times. The type of furniture is present in many periods of history as well as in different civilizations from around the world. The various periods in history have their marks in the make and designs of earlier desks. Steel desks …

Why Would Anyone Look For Antique Mirrors For Sale?

Here are a few reasons why people search for antique mirrors for sale. Antique mirrors are a good way to spruce up any room. Mirrors have been around for as long as the Middle Ages and have become an important though rarely acknowledged part in day to day living. It is on mirrors where we check our appearances after all. Another function of mirrors is that the right one can give a touch of classy appeal in any room.

Antique mirrors in particular are a beauty to add in any room. They are in a class all in their own with the elegant designs and the mysterious feel that come with them. Antique collectors would love the appeal they give in any room, be it in the dresser or in the living room. If you are interested in buying one, there are many styles and mirrors available in stores all over the world.

Styles for antique mirrors vary according to the craftsmanship, architecture and the technique used to make the reflecting glass. These characteristics can easily tell antique dealers and coll…

How to Authenticate Victorian Case Furniture Antiques

As an auctioneer, I'm often asked how do you tell if something is old?

What does the term period as it pertains to antiques?

How do I spot a fake or a reproduction?

I hope this article will clear a few things up on those issues?

What is the single thing I can do or buy that will make me the most money as a part time antiquer?

The answer to that question is the very last sentence in this article.

Period antiques: There's sometimes a lot of confusion about the term PERIOD when it comes to antiques and there shouldn't be because the term has a very clear cut meaning. The term period simply means the original era an antique was originally made throughout.

Let's take for example the Gothic Period which originated in the 12th Century and lasted throughout the 16th. So that span in History would be the actual Gothic Period.

But the Gothic Style, like so many styles throughout history was copied many times after, so a Gothic styled piece of furniture from the 1800s can be an antique, …

Timely Antique Repairs Will Appraise the Value of Your Antique Furniture

Most antique furniture is known to be crafted by hand and this is also one of the main factors that make antiques priceless. When it comes to restoring and repairing antique furniture, it is very important for you to hire a wood craftsman schooled in the traditional ways of making furniture. Only such craftsmen possess skills and sensibilities to ensure that your antiques are not damaged during the restoration process. Reputed companies that offer antique repairs are capable of fixing all types of intricately carved furniture without letting anything affect the value of your valuables.

What Type Of Repairs Can Be Carried Out On Antique Furniture?

Depending upon the historical period during which your antique chair or table were made, most of these designs are prone to have some inherent design weaknesses, due to which the furniture may suffer from splits along the grain of the wood or a disjoint in the struts. Other problems that antique furniture generally encounter are, discoloration,…